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What is Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing method originated from Japan that has
beneficial effects such as physical wellness, mental calmness, relaxation,
elimination of stress and anxiety, development of positive feelings and
positive thinking, which conduce to the health of body and mind.

It is a method that channels universal spiritual energy of Reiki and
transmit it by touching. Reiki method is simple to apply and very effective.

Reiki is easily learned by anyone regardless of age, gender, race, religion,
education or social status.

It can be applied as self treatment and also as treatment to our family
members, our friends, and by professionals as an alternative therapy.

Nowadays, millions of people around the world use Reiki method in their
daily lives, improving their inner and outer reality.

What Reiki means

The original name of the method is Usui Reiki Ryoho  that means
“Usui’s Healing Method with Spiritual Energy”.


Reiki means Spiritual Energy literally but also can be interpreted as
Universal Energy, Heavenly Energy or Higher Energy and it has specific
qualities. Rei defines Ki. Reiki energy nature is characterized by wisdom,
insight, reformation, harmonization and healing. Reiki wisdom appears
as an independent higher "intelligence" because after it is channeled to
recipient body and energy field, Reiki energy seems to "know" where is
the problem that needs to be healed. Therefore Reiki is not affected by
beliefs of the person who channels it or the person who receives it.  


Ryoho means healing method, healing system or healing technique.


Dr. Mikao Usui was a spiritual teacher who founded the method of Reiki.
He was born in Japan in 1865 where he lived until his passing in 1926.
He introduced the method in Tokyo about 1920 and in few years he taught
his method to two thousand people and trained several Reiki teachers
who continued his mission after his passing away.
Reiki Ryoho in Japanese Logograms (Kanji)

Reiki is Japanese word
and constitutes from two Japanese logograms (kanji), Rei and Ki.


Rei means spirit


Ki means energy (literally air or steam).

Ryo   療

Ryo means cure, healing, therapy


Ho means method, system, technique